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BioFresh was a EU-funded international research project (2010-2014), which integrated the freshwater biodiversity competencies and expertise of 19 research institutions.

Outcomes and results of the project are available on this website.

BioFresh has initiated an information platform – the BioFresh Platform – bringing together information and data on freshwater biodiversity in a clearly arranged and easily explorable way for scientists, ecosystem managers and the interested public. It provided access to all available databases describing the distribution, status and trends of global freshwater biodiversity.

These efforts are now continued under the aegis of the Freshwater Information Platform widening the scope from biodiversity issues to all kind of freshwater ecology, management and research topics. To reach that goal four European research institutes joined forces to enable and maintain the Freshwater Information Platform.

Though most of the products of BioFresh are now integrated in the Freshwater Information Platform, this site still refers to the initial EU-funded BioFresh project website.