D3.4: Projects and proposals submitted to various donors

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Freshwater Information Platform

Deliverable D3.4 Projects and proposals submitted to various donors

Deliverable 3.4 “Projects and proposals submitted to various donors to fill the knowledge gaps” is related to Task 3.4. The goal of this deliverable is to initiate novel spin-off research projects, in collaboration with partners within and outside the BioFresh consortium to address data needs resulted from the gap analyses in task 3.1 and 3.2.

Below is a list of all submitted collaborative projects by the Consortium, most of which aim not only to mobilize data sources for the platform and respond to major scientific questions, but as well at guaranteeing the continuation of the BioFresh data platform beyond the termination of the project.

BioFresh Partners have been successful in this endeavour: 16 projects have been submitted of which 6 are successfully funded and 8 proposals are awaiting results.

In this respect, it needs to be noted that three partners, namely IGB, RBINS and BOKU, have agreed to pool own resources to maintain the portal, the meta-database and the Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas well beyond the termination of the BioFresh-project. Funding is secured for at least 2 years; and it is expected that additional external support will be raised during this time to continue the support of the infrastructure.

Deliverable D3.4 (pdf, 200kb)