D4.5: Manuscript on Contemporary Freshwater Biodiversity Models

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Freshwater Information Platform

Deliverable D4.5 Manuscript on Contemporary Freshwater Biodiversity Models

Actual rates of freshwater species extinction due to human actions are considered to be much higher than background (natural) extinction rates. However, efforts to set global conservation priorities have, until recently, largely ignored freshwater diversity thereby excluding some of the world’s most species rich, threatened, and valuable taxa. With the increasing availability of large-scale spatial data on freshwater biodiversity, we are now able to get a better understanding of global freshwater diversity gradients and their probable causes that will further serve to address some questions fundamental to conserving freshwater taxa, namely, to determine the major historical and environmental drivers of contemporary species distributions. Such information is important to further our understanding of how species might respond to on going and future impacts to the environments in which these species are living.

Deliverable D4.5 (pdf, 8mb)