D5.4 Manuscript on the Climate Vulnerability Index

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Deliverable D5.4 Manuscript on the Climate Vulnerability Index

This study adopts an integrated approach to climate change vulnerability assessment that incorporates both the functional and biotic aspects of riverine systems. It utilises the approach outlined by the IPCC, in which vulnerability has three key components; Exposure, Sensitivity and Adaptive Capacity. Integrating both components of the index facilitates an approach that overlays relative hydrological-ecological change with cumulative scores of species traits. It is thus possible to identify priority regions that are expected to experience large changes in flow regime from baseline condition and have high numbers of species susceptible to climate change. The CVI should be considered as a tool that provides a coarse-scale, 'first-pass' approach to identifying areas at regional and global scales that may be vulnerable to climate change impacts under a range of possible future scenarios. Data is available in global scale (0.5° or 50km2) grids for the Exposure component, whilst the species susceptibility (sensitivity and adaptive capacity) analysis is targeted to the species and region of interest (e.g. European Fish species).

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