D5.5 Global Freshwater Atlas and Freshwater Biodiversity Models

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Deliverable D5.5 Global Freshwater Atlas and Freshwater Biodiversity Models

This report covering the deliverable D5.5 “Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas” describes the results of the development of the Atlas website and the interactive web mapping interface, the setup of web map services, the background and capacities of the Atlas and its integration in the BioFresh information platform (http://www.freshwaterbiodiversity.eu/). Information is given on the installation and activities of the editorial board for the Atlas, the establishment of partnerships with stakeholders and dissemination activities undertaken prior to and after the official launch of the Atlas during the “Water Lives” science- policy symposium on 29th January 2014 in Brussels (http://waterlives.eu/).

The aim for the Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas (http://atlas.freshwaterbiodiversity.eu/) is to develop a comprehensive online information platform, presenting spatial information and species distribution patterns relating to freshwater biodiversity in a visually appealing and dynamic format. Seen as a resource for better, evidenced-based decision making relating to water policy, science and management, it is an open-access and interactive gateway to provide information for policy-makers, water managers, scientists and the interested public.

Not only will the Atlas contain all spatially related BioFresh outcomes from the scientific work packages, moreover it is intended as a nucleus for further development and collaboration in the freshwater biodiversity community and is being developed in a collaborative effort as stakeholders are invited to contribute actively. The Atlas is an open-access resource for scientists and resource managers to share visualizations of their spatial data with a broad community of users and it provides access to freshwater biodiversity related maps and spatial data at global, continental and regional scales.

Dynamic online maps in the Atlas are presented in an interactive web map interface and accompanied by short articles with contextual background information as well as links to relevant publications, map data download options and important primary data sources (e.g. contained in the BioFresh data portal or repository or other open access archives). The content is offered under a Creative Commons license, permitting users to reuse maps and articles within the specified terms, while offering correct citation as indicated on the map.

Deliverable D5.5 (pdf, 1.5mb)