D7.7: Manuscript on surrogates for mapping species diversity

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Freshwater Information Platform

Deliverable D7.7: Manuscript on surrogates for mapping species diversity

To propose taxonomic surrogates for biodiversity. Levels of congruence between species distribution patterns from key taxonomic groups will be analysed to determine if one might be used as a surrogate for the other - thus greatly reducing the need for expensive field surveys. These analyses will also inform how effectively a protected area network designed for one species group protects another non-target group.

Although identification of potential surrogates for freshwater biodiversity is urgently needed, studies conducted at the global extent and at the drainage basin grain are still critically lacking. Until now, fish have commonly been used as surrogates in freshwater conservation planning, presumably because their distribution and ecological requirements are comparatively well understood relative to most other freshwater taxa. However, the extent to which fishes are effective surrogates for other aquatic taxa has not been comprehensively evaluated.

Deliverable D7.7 (pdf, 4mb)