D8.1 M18: Report of the communication and dissemination strategy

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Deliverable D8.1 M18: Report of the communication and dissemination strategy

This document sets out the dissemination and communication strategy for the BioFresh project1. The aim is to provide a clear and concise description of the way in which the process of communicating the results and information produced by the project to different audiences is to be achieved. It is presented in 3 main sections; the dissemination strategy, the dissemination plan, and the methods to be used to monitor the extent to which the dissemination process has been successful. The document provides a formal presentation of the BioFresh approach to the problem of dissemination and forms deliverable D8.1 of the project.

The first part of the document describes the Communication and Dissemination Strategy which details the objectives and aspirations of the Biofresh communication programme. Since these objectives specify what we hope to achieve, they will remain unchanged during the course of the project. The second section deals with the Communication and Dissemination Plan. Here the methods and approaches to be used to implement the objectives of the strategy are described. Unlike the strategy, however, the plan is not fixed because during the course of the project new ideas or opportunities will inevitably emerge, which may be adopted. For this reason the plan will be reviewed annually and where significant changes have been made a revised version will be produced. The communication and dissemination plan will thus form a ‘working’ component of the overall strategy, subject to revision at regular intervals. The third and final section of the document will specify the various means by which the success of the strategy is to be measured. Success will be measured using a number of yardsticks; these will include indicators such as the number of peer reviewed papers, web site hits, newspaper articles, radio broadcasts and so on.

Deliverable_D8.1_M18 (pdf, 611kb)