D1.3: Implementation of “AquaMaps” and “European Fish Index” tools on the portal

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Freshwater Information Platform

Deliverable D1.3 M27 Implementation of “AquaMaps” and “European Fish Index” tools on the portal

The integration of the web-based analytical tools “AquaMaps” and “European Fish Index” are key components of Task 1.5 Installation of analytical tools and predictive models. The EFI+-tool (Improvement and Spatial extension of the European Fish Index) was integrated on a specific ‘tools page’ on the data portal. This report gives some relevant background information on these tools and their integration in the portal. This report is the first out of two reports on the Freshwater AquaMaps. The current report focuses on the creation of a stable statistical platform for mapping freshwater organisms including a stable, reliable, and tested collection of environmental layers and a stable system for taking known distribution areas into account (Phase 1) and the integration of some example maps into the portal. A second report scheduled for month 44 will report on the bulk production and validation of models (Phase 2) and their further integration in the data portal through the webservices from the AquaMaps website.

Download D1.3 M27 (pdf, 8.7mb)