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This blog is a forum for BioFresh partners and invited contibutors to discuss the science, policy and conservation of freshwater ecosystems alongside wider environmental issues.

We are always keen to receive comments and suggestions for the blog, and happy to provide more information about BioFresh and wider freshwater biodiversity issues where requested.

We can be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cabinet of Freshwater Curiosities


The BioFresh Cabinet of Freshwater Curiosities is a modern adaptation of the concept – a digital homage to a dusty history – intended to foster the same wonder and curiosity into the often neglected world of freshwater ecosystems. The Cabinet collects and collates a selection of the world’s most fascinating, bizarre and unique freshwater plants, animals and phenomena. It provides an interactive platform for users to engage with some little-known oddities and become further immersed in the curious world of freshwater ecosystems.

BioFresh Cabinet of Freshwater Curiosities

Short animation: What is BioFresh?


A short animation produced by Paul Jepson and colleagues at Oxford University which outlines BioFresh’s work in helping improve the protection and management of global freshwater ecosystems.

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Animation credits
Producer: Paul Jepson
Design and Animation
: Adam Arnot (Wild Lion Media)
Music and Sound: Lee Pritchard (Media Music Now)
: Paul Jepson, Rob St.John, Jon David, Muriel Bonjean

Short animation: Water Lives


"Water Lives..." is a science communication animation designed to draw attention to the important (yet largely invisible) life that underpins and sustains our freshwater ecosystems. Produced by Paul Jepson and Rob St.John at the School of Geography and the Environment for BioFresh - a European Union project on freshwater biodiversity - the animation brings artists and scientists together to collaborate and communicate the concept that freshwater is more than an inert resource: instead a living, dynamic system inhabited by beautiful, important organisms largely unseen by the naked eye. "Water Lives..." invites viewers to view our rivers and lakes in new ways, value the services they provide and discuss how they should be managed.

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