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Issue 08, July 2014

BioFresh review
BioFresh achievements and products
The BioFresh platform
The BioFresh metadatabase
BioFresh Global Freshwater Biodiverisity Atlas
BioFresh results - KBAs
BioFresh results - CVI
BioFresh-Science Policy Interface dialogue
BioFresh blog
BioFresh-REFRESH Water Lives Symposium
Water Lives impressions

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Issue 07, December 2013

  • BioFresh’s new look
  • European database of caddis-flies
  • BioFresh at the IUCN Red List workshop
  • BioFresh KBAs workshop in Marocco
  • BioFresh workshop on multiple stressors
  • BioFresh in Freshwater Biology
  • BioFresh in Molecular Ecology
  • BioFresh in Applied Ecology
  • BioFresh and SPI
  • The BioFresh blog
  • BioFresh and REFRESH Symposium

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Issue 06, April 2013

  • BioFresh in Hydrobiologia
  • BioFresh in Ecological Indicators
  • BioFresh in PLoS One
  • BioFresh in Global Change Biology
  • BioFresh in Systematic Biology
  • BioFresh in Science
  • BioFresh meeting
  • BioFresh and KBAs worksh
  • BioFresh annual meeting in Oxford
  • BioFresh and Planet Under Pressure
  • BioFresh new animation

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Issue 05, July 2012

  • Freshwater journal initiative
  • BioFresh data publication effort
  • BioFresh and GBIF
  • BioFresh supported data aquisition:
  • Mobilising intercalibration datasets
  • Freshwater fishes of Russia
  • Freshwater fishes of Poland
  • Red List of North American fishes
  • Global freshwater aquatic and wetland plant list
  • MacroMED
  • Freshwater fishes of the Western Balkans
  • Global freshwater shrimp database
  • Italian freshwater fishes
  • New Zealand freshwater species
  • Central European riparian ground beetles

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Issue 04, March 2012

  • BioFresh in PNAS
  • BioFresh in Global Ecology and Biogeography
  • BioFresh in a special issue of Hydrobiologia
  • BioFresh in Conservation Letters
  • BioFresh in Biological Conservation
  • European groundwater crustaceans in BioFresh
  • Red List of European freshwater fish
  • BioFresh survey on freshwater biodiversity in policy-making
  • BioFresh annual meeting in Oxford
  • BioFresh and Planet Under Pressure
  • BioFresh new animation

Download Issue 04 as pdf

Issue 03, October 2011

  • Review on the BioFresh second annual meeting in Barcelona
  • BioFresh data platform
  • BioFresh metadatabase
  • The Barton Broad paper
  • Trout in European catchments paper
  • Hydrosheds
  • Freshwater biodiversity in New Zealand
  • Status and distribution of fresh- water shrimps
  • BioFresh data mobilisation
  • Puzzling the pieces together
  • Distribution Atlas of European Trichoptera (DAET)
  • FREDIE project
  • BioFresh & the public: press kit, BioFresh blog
  • BioFresh stakeholders
  • Barcelona impressions

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Issue 02, February 2011

  • Nature’s Backbone at Risk (press release from IUCN)
  • Continuing biodiversity loss predicted, but could be slowed (press release from DIVERSITAS)
  • Networks between BioFresh and Australia (NCCARF)
  • Review on the COP 10 Nagoya meeting
  • Review on the EPBRS meeting in Brussels
  • BioFresh blog & cabinet of curiosities
  • Review on the BioFresh workshop in Barcelona
  • Update on the BioFresh data portal
  • Update on the BioFresh metadatabase

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Issue 01, August 2010

  • Kick-off meeting Berlin
  • BioFresh data portal and metadatabase
  • Report about workshop in Toulouse
  • Coming workshop in Barcelona
  • BioFresh in Russia
  • Biodiversity and water
  • Biodiversity trend analysis
  • Article about species identification by DNA barcoding
  • Impressions of the kick-off meeting

Download issue 01 as pdf