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Press corner

BioFresh is a very active project, you can find us on different congresses and meetings around the world and also on different plattforms in the internet to spread the word about our project and our topics. Download our press kit and have a look on our other internet acitivties, specially the BioFresh blog and the Cabinet of Freshwater Curiosities, which attracts 1500-2000 readers per month.
For further information, please contact Paul Jepson, Work Package 8 leader ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Press kit

The following zip file contains a press kit, with range of information and resources about BioFresh which can be downloaded in one click.

BioFresh Flyer

You would like to get an overview of BioFresh, what we do and who we are?

Please download our information flyer for an overview of the BioFresh project (pdf, 1 mb)

General project presentation

A general presentation of BioFresh containing all key information about the project.