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Rita Adrian

Rita Adrian (Professor, PhD, f) is Head of the Department Ecosystem Research of the IGB and a Professor at the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin. She has special interest in long-term ecological research, ecosystem functioning, regime shifts and their predictability and the impact of climate warming on aquatic ecosystems. We try to understand system dynamics from small (minutes) to large (decades) temporal scales, the role of critical surpassed thresholds and the detection of critical time windows for ecosystem responses to abiotic forces.Our research is based on statistical and modeling approaches of decadal records of physical, chemical, and planktological variables from various lakes of the North Temperate Zone. She has been a member in a number of EU-projects (REFLECT, CLIME, BIOFRESH, REFRESH, LIMNOTIP, NETLAKE). She is actively involved in the grassroots organization GLEON -a network of limnologists, ecologists, information technology experts, and engineers who have a common goal of building a scalable, persistent network of lake ecological observatories.
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