Geo-referenced site scale data of European Trichoptera (DAET)

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Geo-referenced site scale data of European Trichoptera (DAET)

With this initiative BioFresh collected geo-referenced distribution data from European Trichoptera (caddisflies) to evaluate their distribution patterns and – in times of increasing importance of biodiversity – also point the way regarding caddisflies and raise the public awareness of this important insect group. During the past six years more than 600,000 occurrence records of more than 1,700 caddisfly species have been collected, provided by 68 European experts. The data are currently used in scientific analyses regarding aspects of contemporary patterns in Trichoptera biodiversity, climate change and other stressor scenarios. Though the project has officially ended we are still interested to collect more data. With a good coverage of Trichoptera data in Europe we want to aim for an IUCN red list of threatened species. If you want to contribute please read the details below.

Responsible: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (BOKU)
Status: The work for BioFresh is completed. To enlarge our knowledge and the database we are still encouraging data holders to contribute (see information below)

How to contribute to the Trichoptera data collection

We have compiled a template for contributing data (see downloads below), which contains a Trichoptera species list and additional parameters that we need for the DAET, for example coordinates, altitude, stage or information on who collected and identified the species. Further, we added several parameters that will be helpful for the envisaged red list assessment. The additional information is classified into two categories: mandatory and optional. Help on how to fill the template is provided within the template itself and in additional documents that can be found in the supporting material. Please read the information letter (including terms and conditions) and the data provider agreement carefully before you submit data. If you want to part o fit, please contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , coordinator of DAET, or
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , BioFresh contact

Information letter (English version) (pdf)
Information letter (German version) (pdf)
Information letter (French version) (pdf)
Data provider agreement (English version (pdf)
Data provider agreement (German version) (pdf)
Template for data collection (English) (xls, zipped)
Species list with synonyms (xls, zipped)
Additional information & clarifications (English version) (pdf)


Current state of the DAET work

Up to now 68 caddisfly experts and institutions submitted 600.326 records of Trichoptera with 439.365 records of adult Trichoptera related to 1.712 species and 194 subspecies from all over Europe for the DAET project.

Andersen, Trond; Balint, Miklos; Berlin, Angela; Bonada, Nuria; Brauns, Mario; Brigic, Andreja; Brinkmann, Rainer; Chvojka, Pavel; Ciubuc, Constantin; Corallini, Carla.; Cianficconi, Fernanda; Dohet, Alain; Dommermuth,Maria; Ehlert, Thomas; Eiseler, Brigitta.; Ferrand, Maxime; Gaul, Jürgen; Gislason, Gisli M.; Gonzales, Marcos; Gonzeth, Yves , CSCF-Info Fauna, Swiss National Caddisfly Databank; Graf, Wolfram; Gullefors, Bo; Haase, Peter; Heckes, Ulrich; Hess, Monika; Higler, L.W.G. (Bert +); Hohmann, Mathias; Ibrahimi, Halil; Kampwerth, Ute; Keresztes, Lujza.; Kucinic, Mladen; Komzak, Petr; Küttner, Ralf; Lietz, Johanna, LLUR SH; Lock, Koen; Lodovici, Omar; Lubini, Verena ; Majecki J.; Malicky, Hans; Mevius, Bart; Mey, Wolfram, MFN Berlin; Müller, Reinhard, LUGV Brandenburg; Neu, Peter J.; Joliviet, Samuel, OPIE-Benthos; O’Connor, James; Pitsch, Thomas; Plesky, Bodo; Ploss, Ellen; Popijac, Aleksandar; Previsic, Ana; Puig, Maria Angeles; Sainz-Bariain, Marta; Salokannel, Juha; Sanabria, Maria; Siebert, Manfred, NLWKN; Sivec, Ignac; Stanic-Kostroman, Svjetlana; Szczesny Bronislaw; Tempelmann, David; Uherkovich, Akos; Vicentini, Heinrich; Visinskiene, Giedre; Voigt, Hanno; Wallace, Ian, National Museums Liverpool; Waringer,Johann; Weinzierl, Armin; Wiberg-Larsen, Peter; Wolf, Beate; Zamora-Munoz, Carmen; ZOBODAT – Zoologisch-botanische Datenbank des Oberösterreichischen Landesmuseums, Linz.

We are very grateful for this great support!

DAET data May 2016

Spatial data: G_OBE Task Team and others, eds. 1990
Map design: P.J. Neu