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Our work / workpackages

The Biofresh project has finished in 2014.

BioFresh has build a freshwater biodiversity information platform to bring together, and make publicly available, the vast amount of information on freshwater biodiversity currently scattered among a wide range of databases.

These efforts are now being continued through extending the platform, widening its scope from biodiversity issues to all kinds of freshwater ecology, management and research topics. All major outcomes from BioFresh are now available on the Freshwater Information Platform.

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The BioFresh approach

A major challenge is to complement the existing databases on freshwater biodiversity and distribution patterns, along with strict quality controls, to consent the continuous integration of new data. Within BioFresh, these data will be linked with geographical and socio-economic information. By developing just such a universally accessible information platform, BioFresh will foster our understanding of present freshwater biodiversity and changes expected for the future.

BioFresh in the Policy – Science Interface

BioFresh will use existing data to build predictive models of biodiversity change in order to support a broad diversity of critical needs in freshwater biodiversity management and conservation. Combining the construction of the portal with scientific research ensures an optimised product for use. Ultimately, the interoperable datasets, together with geospatial visualisation tools and predictive models, will be made freely accessible through the web portal, forming the kernel of an unprecedented global information tool to all decision makers, stakeholders and users in freshwater biodiversity.

The project is divided in 8 work packages, for details follow the links:

Workpackage 01: Building the Web-Based Freshwater Biodiversity Information Platform

Workpackage 02 : Quality Control, Database Preparation

Workpackage 03: Evaluation, Gap Analyses

Workpackage 04: Contemporary and Past Patterns in Freshwater Biodiversity

Workpackage 05: Climate Change Impact on Freshwater Biodiversity

Workpackage 06: Response of Biodiversity to Multiple Stressors

Workpackage 07: Informing Policy for Conservation Planning

Workpackage 08: Capacity Building, Awareness Raising, Dissemination and Science-Policy Dialogue