RBINS, Belgium

Member of the

Freshwater Information Platform

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS)  has a long (more than 150 years) and outstanding track record of integrated investigations in different biogeographical regions. The main expertise of its more than 100 pre- and postdoctoral researchers (40 permanent scientific staff) lies in animal taxonomy, biodiversity and ecology. The group’s research focuses on evolutionary ecology of freshwater meiobenthic organisms and has extensive expertise in classical limnological work on meiobenthos.

The BioFresh team at RBINS closely collaborates with the Belgian Biodiversity Platform, which ensures the hosting of the BioFresh data portal and offers support in terms of IT and networking expertise. The Belgian Biodiversity Platform is a distributed biodiversity information and communication initiative by the Belgian Science Policy (BelSPO). It serves as Belgian node to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), the European Platform on Biodiversity Science Policy (EPBRS), DIVERSITAS and is involved in the ERA-net BiodivERsA. It develops a database on Belgian biodiversity research resources (BioBel, and coordinates the Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessment project. The BBPF also implements SCAR-MarBIN, the Antarctic marine biodiversity portal of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. It organizes a yearly call supporting the digitisation of biodiversity information.