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Freshwater Information Platform


Naturhistoriska riksmuseet (NRM)

The Swedish Museum of Natural History (NRM) is an authority under the Ministry of Culture, with a staff of 280 and collections amounting to >9 million objects. The Research Division includes departments of Palaeozoology, Palaeobotany, Entomology, Vertebrate Zoology, Invertebrate Zoology, and Mineralogy, and several laboratories. The GBIF Node is a national node and data provider to GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility), a state-level collaborative research initiative to assemble and make available all information about biological biodiversity globally. GBIF-Sweden is the third or fourth largest provider to GBIF, serving more than 15 million records. In addition, we have developed local tools on our own web porta dedicated to biodiversity informatics and systematics. FishBase Sweden is a member of the FishBase Consortium and charged with maintaining the occurrence databases for FishBase, but is also involved in numerous conservation, education, and systematics projects. The group is contributing to international research and capacity building particularly in biodiversity informatics and fish biology. We presently participate in the EU projects INCOFISH (WP Biomodelling), PESI (Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure), and in a Nordic collaborative project the Nordic LSID e-infrastructure. We previously organised or participated in EU projects CHINAFISH, ECOCARP, and FISHTRACE.

Sven O Kullander

Sven O Kullander (PhD) is an associate professor at the University of Stockholm, Senior Curator in Ichthyology at the Swedish Museum of Natural History and project leader for the Swedish GBIF node and the Swedish FishBase secretariat. He has expertise in freshwater fish systematics, biogeographical modelling and biodiversity informatics.


Mickaël Graf

Mickaël Graf (MSc) is programmer, database expert, and biodiversity informatics expert in the Swedish GBIF node.


Helena Eklund

Helena Eklund (PhD) is the Swedish GBIF Node manager with expertise in plant systematics and biodiversity informatics.