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Freshwater Information Platform


BioFresh has produced a wide range of products. One of them was, to build a freshwater biodiversity information platform to bring together, and make publicly available, the vast amount of information on freshwater biodiversity currently scattered among a wide range of databases.

By doing so, what was once widely dispersed and largely inaccessible information was made available to policy makers, scientists, planners and practitioners. BioFresh has provided spatially-explicit information on the status and trends of freshwater biodiversity and its ecosystem services.

The Biofresh project has finished in 2014. These efforts are now being continued through extending the platform, widening its scope from biodiversity issues to all kinds of freshwater ecology, management and research topics. All major outcomes from BioFresh are now available on the Freshwater Information Platform.

Though the online tools & products of BioFresh are now integrated in the Freshwater Information Platform, the deliverables of Biofresh can be found here.